We are pleased to announce the 2017-2018 Alumni Ambassadors. Beginning in September 2017, we will post an alumni impact story featuring one Ambassador each month. To learn more about the 2017-2018 Alumni Ambassadors and their achievements, click on their pictures to read their stories.

Impact Story   Alumni Ambassador   Current Employment 

September 2017

  Andy Noonan (Taiwan, 2010-2011 & Russia, 2011-2013)    World Learning, Education Program Specialist

October 2017

   Abigail Williamson (Paraguay, 2011-2013)   ELL Instructional Coach with Salem Public Schools

November 2017

  Carlyn Bushey (Russia, 2005-2006)   ESL teacher at UMD IEP

December 2017

  Cerise Santoro (Philippines, 2015-2016)     ESL Instructor, Cal Poly ELI

January 2018 

  Erika Weber (Mexico, 2015-2016)    Sheltered ESL Science Class in Middle school at Esperanza Academy Charter School

February 2018 

  Frances LeGrand (Turkey, 2009-2010)   Coordinator and Instructor at the  English Language Institute at the University of Houston-Downtown


March 2018 

   Bradley Tipka (Indonesia, 2003-2005 & Malaysia, 2005-2006)     Executive Director at Sejong Academy 


April 2018

  Maggie Espino (Bangladesh, 2014-2015)      English Language Instructor at INTO George Mason University 

May 2018

  Dr. Kimberly Thomas (Malawi, 2008-2009)   Adjunct Instructor in English, and Adjunct Instructor and Program Coordinator in TRIO/Upward Bound at Greenville Technical College


*June 2018 

  Alexandra Slayton (Thailand, 2014-2015)   ESL Instructor at Cushing Academy


*July 2018 

  Carol Foye (Israel, 2007-2008)    Specialist in ESOL, Migrant, and Immigrant with the Manatee Public Schools

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